It is easy to feel like a block head when you come to realize what has been going on around you. Sometimes the very people who are supposed to be supporting you are only using you for their own entertainment. Maybe they enjoy the drama that is playing out in your life on a daily basis. They use their words not to empower you but rather to keep you in the whirlpool of going nowhere.

Once you begin to LISTEN to what people are really saying instead of what they want you to hear, you will be able to break free of feeling like a block head. You will no longer be stuck in the same spot all the time. This can lead to feeling as though your choices are limited.But your choices are only limited by how you are limiting yourself.

Thoughts containing the words CAN’T or WON’T need to be discarded. I am not suggesting this is easy. Because it is not that easy to do. It is easier and much safer to STAY where you have always been. In that place that says there is no way you can improve your life. But it is time to let the BLOCKHEAD go. No matter how many children you have, or whether you are a caretaker for elderly parents, there is something in this universe that you can do to break free from your current situation.

Turning things around may take some time.It may take longer than you would like it to. Be patient and keep it pushing. Once you have your goal in mind there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. You might get slowed down from time to time, but there is NOTHING a determined mind cannot reach.

I have had times when I thought I was going to lose everything. There are plenty of single moms out there who have had their houses foreclosed on and their vehicles repossessed. I DECIDED that was NOT going to happen to me.I took my finances on as though it were a full time job. It was not uncommon for me to spend three to four hours a day with my creditors working out terms I could afford.

I had to eliminate the block head mentality I was a prisoner of. I got rid of those two destructive words CAN’T and WON’T. When that happened the universe opened up to me and granted my wishes. It felt as thought I had rubbed ALLADIN’s lamp. What seemed completely improbable and impossible was happening in my favor. The same can come true for you as well!!