The other morning I found myself ecstatically happy for reasons unknown. I leaped out of bed on only 6 hours of sleep. Then I very cheerfully drove my son to school all the while singing a tune from the CD in my car. Needless to say my seventeen year old son was looking at me warily from the side of his head. Usually we exchange some conversation during the ride, but I think he was so horrified over my joyfulness so early in the morning, words escaped him. He was so relieved when I dropped him off at school that he did not even ask me for a ride home after school. Very unusual since it was a half day.

I could not contain my exuberance at all. No matter what I did that morning my happiness just kept growing. When I arrived at the gym for my workout, I was dancing my way to the treadmill. With Christina Aguilera singing “Come on Over” in my head phones, I was swishing and swaying until that treadmill started to move. Then I was walking faster than ever keeping pace with the beat of the music. Even when my workout was done I was still rocking it out.

I realized that something wonderful was coming my way. Unsure of what it was I just enjoyed that day for all the happiness it brought to me. We all have days like this when we can not explain why we are happy. Moments when we are just grateful for who and where we are in our lives. When you get that feeling and you have a little something extra in your step, THAT is your dance!