Most people associate the word Love with people. Most often having a secret love would indicate a hidden relationship. But what if your secret love was something different. A hobby or activity that you were afraid to let other people know about?

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues. We were talking about children, Halloween and parades. I am still unsure how the conversation got diverted to parades. But it did. We went from discussing what our kids were wearing for the upcoming Halloween, to reflecting on our own memories. I admitted that one of my favorite things to do at a parade is to get a balloon. I have not had a balloon in years. Sometimes I have wanted to borrow someone else’s child just to have an excuse to buy one.

During this same conversation, we began discussing those things we secretly love. She was telling me how she loves the candy at Halloween. As she was expounding on all the different kinds of candy she is attracted to, I realized it was much more than the candy. She was actually in LOVE with all of Halloween. The costumes, candy and the trick-or-treating. She admitted that she and her husband would be getting dressed up this year. They will go over to Salem and take part in the festivities over there.

For me, my true LOVE is giving to other people. I derive a great deal of pleasure from seeing other people succeed. At first I would keep my opinions to myself when asked for advice. I considered myself minding my own business. That was until I was approached by a young woman who was relentless in getting my advice. everyday for four months she would keep asking my my opinion. I was a tough nut to crack. But finally, I gave it to her straight. I told her exactly what I thought of her constant complaining and what I thought she could do about it. She was surprised to say the least at my response. However, six months later she was in school full time, working part-time. Her mother became her biggest supporter.

What is your secret LOVE? How will you embrace it in order to complete your fulfillment?