Gratitude is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot. Everyone who uses it has their own opinion as to how it fits into their daily lives. Some people are grateful that the car starts in the morning. The car that is constantly in need of repairs no matter how much work gets done on it. I guess that is something to be grateful for. But for me gratitude is all about intangibles. Those things that money cannot buy or man cannot fix with his hands but rather with his spirit.

Having an attitude of gratitude takes more than merely being grateful for everything you have. If that is all it took, there would be many more successful people in the world. We could end a lot of things worldwide if that were the case.Hunger would be eradicated, abuse both physical and emotional would cease to exist and there would no longer be a need for gun control because there would not be a need for guns.

But it is not that simple at all. Being grateful takes a lot of WORK! That in of itself is a word most people shy away from. They might say ” If its that much work FORGET it!” Most folks work too hard at making a living to do more work when they get home.What they do not realize is they are already doing this work towards having an attitude of gratitude.

When people move into a new place whether it is an apartment or a house they do things to make it their own. Basically they take an empty building, a blank canvas if you will and turn it into a HOME! Now that is having an attitude of gratitude! Anyone can move into a space and NOT turn it into their place. Taking that extra step an adding those items that personalize it means that the space will be taken care of. That is gratitude in motion!

Do you have an attitude of gratitude!