With all the things we hold in our hands on a daily basis, it is easy to get lost in all the stuff. As soon as we get something, we hear what begins as whispers about the next new thing that is coming out. All of our senses are placed in overload on a daily basis. Between the tweeting, pinning and instagram we are hard pressed with a moment to produce any original thought.

Where we used to concern ourselves with eradicating drunk driving, our focus has shifted to those who remain texting while driving. These incidents involving the use of mobile devices while driving account for 18% of all fatalities on the road. Saying to yourself that you can handle it, is the same as handing an alcoholic a martini and saying it is only one drink.

If you do not view this as an addiction, just take a look around you when you go out. See for yourself how many people are walking around with their smart phones in hand. When you get into any line anywhere check and see how many people in that line are flicking through screens just to absorb the minutes they have to wait.

Our stuff has replaced eye contact and the friendly gestures we used to exchange with one another in passing. Instead of pulling out or looking at your smart phone next time you are in a line, try striking up a casual conversation with a complete stranger. It is easier than you think. We all still have a lot in common!