hold on

People who know me always want to know how I keep HOPE a part of my life. I don’t just talk about hope for myself I try to infuse it in everyone who is around me. These people are both personal and professional.

To have HOPE as I understand it is to Hold On Pain Ends. That is what has kept me going over the past decade. Through all the financial trials and emotional tribulations,HOPE is what kept me going. It was the thought that at some point all of the bad things that were happening HAD to come to an end.

Every time I was asked by the electric company for a date I could pay the entire bill off, I relied on HOPE. For every argument I encountered with two teenage minds, I relied on HOPE. And right when I had reached the point where it seemed as though HOPE was eluding me, OPPORTUNITY came knocking.

I have to admit that on more than one occasion I missed OPPORTUNITY because I thought I had become HOPELESS. That is easy to do as well. When everything came tumbling down around me all at once, it was too much. This was the time to make sure I did not lose sight of HOPE. And when I felt as though I could not push back any harder, I dug a little deeper. Because that is when things took a turn in my favor.

All of this happened because HOPE was within me and always has been. I had no idea that things were going to take the turn they did. After years of fighting my way to merely maintain a home and residence for the three of us, I was exhausted. I was not sure I had enough energy to take things the last leg of my journey. But I did!

You can too by simply holding onto the thought that there is always HOPE!