One thing I have learned over a number of years is that we are all subjected to having tunnel vision at one time or another. Even the most progressive thinkers can become victims of this type of behavior. And it is our thoughts that drive our behavior which in turn is responsible for our actions.

It is easier than you would think to get stuck in tunnel vision. That is because mostly we focus on what is surrounding us. Even with a light to guide us we mostly only see what is being reverted back from the tunnel we are in. You see the walls that are all around us are made to conceal what is outside. Those walls I speak of are made up a variety of things. In fact they can be comprised of our thoughts,people we are associated with and the places that we frequent.

Our own self limiting thoughts can be the greatest source of tunnel vision. We might be so accustomed to doing things one way that,it creates a tunnel effect. Our pattern of thought is circular like that of a tunnel and light shined on it only brings to light what we already can see.

The challenge in this situation is to take the light that we have available and point it towards the unknown portion of the tunnel. the part that is dark and has yet to be discovered. It is here that we will discover what we need to know in order to move ahead. But doing this takes courage. It also involves us moving outside our comfort zone.

In order for us to navigate our way our of the tunnel, we will need to employ a few new ways of getting what we are looking for. Only then will we be able to achieve the goal we are truly after. With this new mindset our vision will be set on the unknown. We will be willing to go into the unlit portion of the tunnel,using our new ideas as the light to guide us.

Whatever you are facing there is a solution. It may require you to do things completely differently than you have in the past. Instead of looking at the situation the same way as you have in the past, THINK outside your tunnel. And use you new thoughts as the light that will set you free from remaining in your tunnel vision.