Sometimes a conversation can develop from a compliment that is made from simple observation. This morning while I was sitting at Dunkin Donuts while my son was having his bassoon lesson, I noticed a woman who had on a very interesting pair of earrings. Instead of staring at her like some crazed creep, I complimented her on the earrings. They are not the kind of earrings I would wear at all as a matter of fact, but on her they looked quite stunning.

Without formal introduction she told me all about the earrings and where she had purchased them. I of course was envious because I no longer am able to wear earrings that have a post without getting an ear irritation. I am limited to the ones that have a loop. Upon hearing of my limitations with pierced earring we had a long conversation about earrings. She told me that the pair that get her the most attention actually were from her mother-in-law. They are plastic and resemble one of the native flowers to Hawaii. I learned a lot from this woman today, just from a compliment.

When her friend arrived to meet her for coffee she wanted to know who I was. The woman told her she did not know who I was just some lady having a nice conversation about earrings. As she walked away she thanked me and had a brighter spring to her step knowing that someone was paying attention.

Who do you notice everyday that you pass by? Give a compliment even if it is based on differences, for that can be the foundation for a new beginning. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!