For most of us the thought of stretching means to put our bodies into positions we have not been in since we were kids. Back then touching your toes or lifting your leg to your ear was something that could happen after you stretched a bit. Once limbered up our flexibility seemed limitless. As we got older it began to take a lot longer to attain a fraction of that flexibility without calling 911 for assistance.

But we need not fear the loss of our physical elasticity. It is really what we can create using our minds that counts the most. It always did, we just did not think about that way. You see for any child to be able to stretch their bodies they have to adopt an attitude that it CAN be done. They must believe in their ability to achieve the results they are working towards. As adults we take it for granted that our children will be successful no matter what they decide to participate in. When they achieve success we attribute it to their youthfulness. What we should be thinking about is what this dedication they have really means and how it will follow them the rest of their lives.

The ability to commit to something and stick with it shows responsibility. No matter how small our role in an activity it matters. Without our involvement things would be different. I am not suggesting that we are all irreplaceable but we should strive to make it seem as though we are. This can be realized by constancy in our participation and interaction with others. With this attitude the results we will get are limitless.

As adults we have a tendency to forget this mindset and allow all the other stresses in our lives to overshadow how we proceed with our daily business. When was the last time you stretched your imagination to come up with a solution? Try committing yourself to stretching out your mind until you begin thinking with the elasticity you still have. You may discover options you never thought of before, or more resources that you may have not seen.

Photo By: Diane Whately Cobb