It can be difficult to find your flow. In fact most people go through their lives without every realizing it exists. But our flow is the KEY to being able to tap into and develop our purpose. Without fully understanding how we operate, we will forever be unable to navigate our way through life successfully.

Understanding our internal flow is no different than comprehending how rivers and oceans flow. When I was in high school, my best friend Annette and I would take a canoe into the river every chance we had. We would leave early in the morning with little else but our bathing suits and a towel. I still remember the first time we came upon the rapids. We were totally unprepared.

We knew enough how to recover the canoe to its upright position, but we knew very little about NAVIGATING these rough waters. It was not the WATER that was the problem, it was US. WE did not understand how WE needed to operate in these conditions. It would have been different if we had been in DEEP water, but the water was only waist deep. that first time it took us the better part of an hour to get out.

Once we got back to shore, we discussed what went wrong. Okay we really argued about how badly each one of us did. After we were done with the angry exchange, we realized that we needed to come up with a better plan. As it was we really could not go that far in the canoe because our FLOW was way off. We had to take a hard close look at ourselves and reconfigure our strategy.

The next time we decided to tackle the RAPIDS ( it was the very next day), we changed positions in the canoe. Since I was the smaller of the two of us, I went from the back of the canoe to the front. I was a strong at paddling but I did not weigh enough to withstand the strong current the rapids provided. On top of our new configuration, we agreed that I was the one who panicked under pressure. We came up with a way to keep ME under control.

With our plans in our minds we set out AGAIN into the waters of the river. Everything was eerily quiet that morning. The birds were happily chirping and we saw a few deer also. Then we took the turn in the river that led to the rapids. My heart was racing in anticipation of a full fledged fight. I was ready at the front of the canoe and Annette was ready at the back. We braced ourselves for a rocky ride and a potential capsizing of our canoe. As we entered the rapids we executed our carefully laid plans. And they WORKED!

We made it through without capsizing! Annette and I worked like a well polished team of experts.When we got past the rapids we entered a deeper part of the river. There we pulled to canoe to the shore and did a little celebratory swim before returning to camp for the remainder of the day!

From this experience I learned MY flow! I learned what prevents me from being successful and what helps to propel me forward. To this very day I use the very same techniques in dealing with the RAPIDS I encounter in my everyday life!