Of all the things we do everyday, knowing who is around us where we work seems to be very low on the list of priorities. How many days do you walk into the office passing people that you probably do not even know exist? Or maybe you do not think it is important to say a friendly hello to the person who is emptying the trash or cleaning the windows. But everyone has a value that they bring to a company.

While it is not necessary to know everyone in the office, it is beneficial. The benefits of saying hello and exchanging a friendly “How are you?” far outweigh the awkwardness of looking down as you pass each other in the hallway. Just this simple act will change the dynamics of your daily routine. It will also create a feeling of connection for those whose positions you rely on more than you know.

All departments in a company are important to it’s viability.By learning to interact with each other without bias, we can create an atmosphere in which everyone is encouraged to perform to their fullest potential. People who feel as though they are part of a team no matter what part they have will make themselves available for service more readily than ever before.

Customers and clients who enter into this kind of atmosphere are more likely to want to do business with you. They will feel more comfortable knowing they are in a place where people respect each other as professionals.

This does not mean that you must be “friends” with everyone. It is not necessary to go out on Friday night with your co-workers in order to have a great professional relationship. If it is within your comfort zone to keep your personal life just that “personal” then that should be respected as well.

the next time you walk into work look up and offer a smile or a hello to someone different and just see what happens!