Branding is the newest term to use in business. It is seen in almost every business publication and related articles.Most notably when we think about branding we associate it with big companies. At that level, it is easy to remember the larger players. Companies like Ford,Proctor and Gamble all give us a mental picture of their product just by seeing or hearing their names. We automatically know what it is they do and how well they do it in comparison to other companies in the same marketplace.

While most people do not enjoy access to the financial resources these big corporations have there are several ways in which to get yourself recognized as the One people should go to. One of the best ways to become the person or company people want to utilize first, is by word of mouth marketing also known as networking. There are several venues in every state. Some are networking events hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. Other opportunities exist by doing an online search for local listings of business meetings open to the public in your geographical area.

Unlike having a website or blog that people can go to, networking requires your physical appearance at different events. You will have to shake many hands, give out a million business cards and have conversations that might bore you to tears. You may not really be all that interested in the guy who has started his own composting business. But this person might just know the person who could take your idea or company to the next level with a simple introduction. You may also find yourself being of service to others you had never considered as potential customers!

Photo: Dreamstime