Fear in people manifests itself in many different ways. People who are afraid of getting things or attaining a certain position have embraced fear . They are the people who accept here they are as where they will always be. They do not want things to change because that would mean doing things differently. But as we all know, Life brings with it many changes as we go from young adulthood into maturity and beyond.

The downside of allowing fear to be their constant companion is that it will grip and make a person paralyzed. They will become unable to do the most ordinary things that most of us take for granted. If they are facing a plant closing, it may keep them from being pro-active enough to re-write their resume and begin looking for another position to pay the bills. Fear has also been known to prevent people from having self worth.

The reality is that unless you are fleeing a fire or running from a bear chasing you in the woods, Fear is nothing but an emotion that can be overcome with success. The most common description of fear utilizes its letters: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Leave fear at home. It should not accompany you everywhere!