Some people believe that getting new business is merely a numbers game. They rely on statistical data as a blue print for improving the bottom line.The salesperson in this scenario would be expected to make a certain number of phone calls in order to net a predetermined number of sales. Usually these salespeople are selling a product or service that is considered to be a commodity.

How do you then establish a business relationship with someone when your business strategy is a numbers game? What do you do to set yourself apart from all the other salespeople out there selling a similar product?

If you are in this sort of a work situation, you would remember to just be who you are. Show your customer that you are equally as human as they are. Listen to their concerns with EMPATHY and you might just earn yourself more than one customer. You see one phone call may produce only one sale. But if you really connect with your customer, that one sale could result in a word of mouth avalanche. This way you would still be working a numbers game, only to your advantage.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

Photo by Dave and Lee Jacobs