Not all of us have a full closet of clothing to choose from. But it is imperative to coordinate your clothing in order to emphasize your brand. The reason for this is that you cannot change a First impression.The way people see you the very first time is the way they will remember you. Whether you are in the composting business or you are an executive, nothing speaks louder to people than the outward physical appearance of someone. All the way from hair to shoes everything counts.

The latest trend of dressing in business casual is best left for casual Friday wherever you are currently employed. Your new potential source of income is interested in seeing you at your absolute best. They want to feel as though you take yourself seriously. Coming across too casual often gives people the impression that you feel casually about your business contacts as well.

If you are on a limited budget it is best to pick out two or three professional outfits to wear and rotate them accordingly. Even if you are seen in the same outfit more than once (this pertains to us women) at least you will maintain that professional demeanor that will establish your brand. You can still have a sense of humor and be yourself, but the more seriously you take what you are doing the more people will respond to you the way you desire them to.You will find that people will have a higher respect for what you do. They will also more than likely reach out to you for your professional opinion. This will all lead to you becoming the Brand of choice.

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