The other day I was asked for my opinion about Ego and humility. I go the feeling that the question had more to do with whether you needed to have one without the other.

There are some people who believe that humility is something that occurs when you have no Ego. That is far from the truth. Our Ego is what distinguishes us from one another. Egotism is when you believe that you are far superior than others and behave in a way that presents this to the world as fact.

Humility is what occurs when the goal you were trying to reach or the project you brought to light does not pan out. It can also be called LESSONS LEARNED. It does not mean that you will not try again. Quite the opposite in fact. It enables you to admit that you were wrong. Without that you can really never become successful. For the successful person knows that it may take many failures before success happens.

Think of it this way! You are outside on a beautiful sunny day when clouds form and it begins to rain. Searching through your backpack,you realize you do not have an umbrella. What are the chances you will not pack an umbrella and leave it in your back pack next time?