Let’s try an experiment you and I. Trading all of our expectations for appreciation. Think about it . All that energy spent on wishing for better things directed instead on what we already have. I am not suggesting we give up on those goals we are looking to fulfill. What I am talking about is using what we already possess as way of getting us to the next level.

When you begin to truly appreciate what you already have, your view on life and things change dramatically. Once in a while I watch a show on PBS called the Antique Road Show. They get all kinds of people on this show. Usually they are regular folk like you and me who have something they think is of value. They are not certain as to how much the item is worth and that is why they are on the show.

One day I was watching the show, and they had a woman on who had bought a painting at a yard sale for $25.00. She said the picture had hung in her front hallway for years. She and her husband would pass by this picture everyday for the better part of fifteen years. Once in a while her husband would look at the painting and wonder if they should replace it with something else. That was until ,one morning as the sunlight filtered through the front door he noticed something odd about the painting.

He called to his wife to come downstairs immediately. There at the base of the stairwell they both stood with tilted heads looking at the painting. The sunlight was revealing to them that there was something underneath the picture. They were both afraid of causing permanent damage to whatever it was. The people on the Antique Roadshow referred them to an art dealer in New York I believe. The art dealer got the couple in touch with someone who knew about such things.

When they began removing the yard sale picture from the canvas, what was revealed was a painting that was worth millions! They turned the painting over to the Sotheby’s auction house and retired on the proceeds!

What can you look at differently?

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