When I was a kid I never could remember when Father’s Day was. My own dad passed away three days after Christmas when I was four. We always had pictures of him around the house. he looked very handsome in his army uniform.

I grew up in total envy of all my friends who had their fathers. That pretty much amounted to everyone I knew.But through my friendships I learned about what makes a Father an Dad. One of my closest friends growing up, had a father who worked all the time. It seemed as though every time I turned around he was sleeping because he just got home from work. He was a large stocky built guy, with a rough edge to his voice. When he spoke the whole house moved with his voice.

For the most part we all feared him. Our fear was not based on anything substantial. The fearfulness we had stemmed from what we imagined would happen if he ever lost his temper.But all that fear disappeared one early Saturday morning. It was in early May I remember it well to this day. My friend had two little brothers aged six and eight. One of them was running around in the driveway. The family always ran around outside as they lived on a dead end street.

On this particular day the little boy was running and lost his footing. He was trapped by his ankle in a drain. We were all shivering with fear over what her father was going to do. But much to our surprise he came outside as cool as a cucumber. His large frame made blocked all the sun from us as he passed by. He walked over to his son and with the gentleness defying his size, gently scooped his tiny ankle with one hand. Before we knew what was happening the little boy was free.

Instead of yelling at him,his DAD gave him a big hug. Tears were in his eyes, though he denied it. That kind of strength and compassion all rolled into one is what I think Father’s Day Celebrates! Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s who are unbeatable DAD’s!