When we think about getting noticed, our outward appearance is usually the first thing we take into consideration.It is not a difficult thing to do. Making an appointment at your local barber shop or hair salon is a simple enough task to accomplish.But the hair trimming, eyebrow waxing and beard shaping is merely the beginning of what we all need to do to be noticed.

Someone who is perfectly manicured may appear to have it together. I am still talking about men and women here. It is perfectly acceptable for men to have their fingers and toes attended to. Yet beneath the manicure and professional hairdo, may lie another reason for not being noticed.

Behavior is always noticed by people.In fact, the more attention your looks draw, the more closely people are watching your actions.People are naturally drawn to others who they find attractive. Not necessarily in a romantic way either. In business settings those employees who dress well daily are naturally drawing attention from their peers. Maybe they are inspiring others in the workplace to dress better. They might even cause some folks to pay closer attention to their grooming habits.

All of this glamour is of no use unless it is accompanied by a someone who displays a positive attitude. This attitude is the every thing that dictates how each of us operates in the world. Those who look good but are condescending towards others are quickly discarded by most. It is those who acknowledge other people and their accomplishments that receive long lasting attention.

When my daughter entered middle school, she formed a crush on a young boy who resembled a famous singer at the time.He was a very handsome young man indeed. She asked me how she should go about getting noticed by this boy. I told her to pay attention to the way he acted towards others first. She rolled her eyes at me the way most teenagers do. But i was insistent on her paying attention to what I was talking about. I continued by telling her to simply observe his actions for a week. ( we all know a week in teenager time might as well be a year). After that week if she still felt as though he was worth seeking attention from to go ahead.

A very interesting thing happened. For all of her eye rolling, she did actually listen to me. A week later I inquired about the you man. She told me she had “MOVED ON”. I could barely contain my chuckle as I asked WHY?

She said I was right( yes I marked it on my calendar), that one day in class he had made this other girl feel really bad in front of all the other kids.He left the girl in tears as he walked away with his “crew”.

But children are not the only one’s who exhibit this behavior. Only too often people forget who they really are. It can happen when they have achieved a goal that places them above others. Or all too often it happens in the work place when people feel as though their skills far outshine everyone else’s. Instead of becoming an inspiration they are viewed as a hindrance.This becomes apparent when this person is left alone at lunch time or is not invited to after work activities by their peers.

Our most cherished possession should be our behavior. It should be an exact match to who we really are. In this way our outward appearance is a mirror of what lies inside !

Photo: Courtesy of Royal Razor Baltimore,Maryland.