Like stones in the sand that get washed away with the tide,our lives are forever changed with the loss of a loved one.No matter how long or short their illness is, the impact they had on our lives is what we must hold onto in order to keep going. The tears that come to us enable us to deal with the depth of our sorrow. But we must realize that no matter how many tears we shed we cannot turn back the clock.

We can however, savor the memories that made our loved one special to us. And we can honor them by behaving in a manner that emulates their presence here on earth.

At some point the grieving must end because that is the selfish part of being human. Wanting the loved one to stay here instead of moving on the way things were intended! The most difficult moment is not while we are still doing for our loved one. It comes in the days and moments that follow their passing. Each time you reach for the phone expecting them to call. Each time you answer the door expecting to see their face, or listening for them to say good night they way they used to. Filling all that time you spent together… That is the real challenge in moving on!