grow a tree

is a life long process. From the time we are born we are growing. Our growth may stop physically at some point. But our ability to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually are all within our control as we continue to age. If we so choose our possibilities for this growth are limitless.

When I think about the possibilities it reminds me of my own confrontation with growth. Mainly in growing things. My mother had somewhat of a green thumb. We always had various plants in the house. Some had flowers while others had colorful leaves. I think I was around 14 when I decided I wanted to try and grow a plant of my very own. I talked to my mother about my intentions. She told me that she had some cuttings from a plant we already had. And the very next day we set about planting that cutting in some new soil.

I was so excited! The plant took to the soil very well. And after a week or so you could see that it was beginning to grow. I followed my mother’s instructions precisely. I watered it every three day sand things were looking good. Then something happened and I lost track of my schedule. Before I knew what was happening my plant shriveled up and there was no bringing it back. I had waited too long to pay attention to it. Allowed too many other things to take priority over the plant.

For a long while I gave up trying to plant tings. I had decided I was not any good at it.That was until the summer i discovered IMPATIENTS. They are to me the prettiest summer flower. I went ahead and bought a few plants some year after my experience with the house plant. I was meticulous with my care. I watered them either in the early morning or later when the sun went down. I had the best looking flowers in the neighborhood.

This experience showed me that I did indeed have the ability to grow things. It was always in my control. All I had to do was believe! Over the years I have grown other things as well not just plants. It takes the same amount of commitment to grow friendships and partnerships. All you have to do is tend to them just like a garden!

What are YOU growing?