hanging on

Can take up all of your time and resources. While you are concerning yourself with staying where you are, the rest of the world is moving on.You will become exhausted trying to remain in place the physically,mentally and emotionally. All the time you might be thinking that where you are is all you can hope for. But this does not HAVE to be your truth!

All that energy you are placing into hanging on could be put to better use. Letting go of the people, places and things that cause you daily stress is a beginning in of itself. This might not happen overnight. Even if you have said to yourself that you have let go. It takes a little time to realize that it is okay for you NOT to hang on.

Those people who were used to clinging to you will not want to let go of you right away. They may keep after you because that is what they have grown accustomed to doing. You can politely inform them of their new role in your life. This does not have to be done bluntly. You can let these people know in other ways. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is to become unavailable.

You can just occupy your time doing things that will help propel you forward. Once you begin to take up your time with activities intended to improve you situation, you will be able to do more than just HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE. You will start to feel different inside. You might feel empowered, even if it is at a very small level. But just that tiny bit is enough to fuel a fire within you.Once that spark is lit it only needs a small amount of oxygen to keep the flame going.

Before you realize it time will have moved on and in the process, you are moving as well. Your days of HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE will be nothing but a memory in your PAST! Let go of that rope or place you feel you must hang onto.You were not meant to be stagnant! There is a lot more living you should do! Do not waste it stuck in one place!! Someone else may want that spot you were stuck in! Let them have it! You have outgrown the need to be placed in a position that limits your abilities!!