The Fourth of July is a day of celebrating our forefather’s victory from English rule. How we all celebrate it is as different as the variations seen as a pinwheel spins. The stars and stripes take on a different pattern as the wind spins the pinwheel around.

So too are the different ways in which we celebrate this holiday. Some people have small gatherings and then sit out to watch a delightful fireworks display. Others may travel great distances to see their favorite Fourth of July show.

With the threat of Hurricane Arthur on our heels, the Boston Pops put on their Fourth Of July show a day early. Usually the third is saved for their rehearsal date. But they went ahead and aired the show in its entirety last night.

Television crews who were normally scheduled to arrive at early dawn on the fourth, were on the Esplanade until late in the evening on the third. But Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops delivered a show that everyone enjoyed. Even those who were dismayed at the deletion of the 1812 overture left satisfied with the knowledge that they had experienced their Fourth of July tradition. For the first time the celebrations will be streamed online for 24 hours.

Whatever your tradition is , enjoy it and embrace it. It does not have to be like any one else’s. If fireworks are not your thing, there are plenty of other ways of enjoying this holiday. Being with family and friends and creating new memories that can be cherished for years to come, is enough. Sometimes the simplest celebrations are the best. Just like that hole in the wall restaurant that has the best food. On the outside it appears to be lackluster but what is inside is something that is enjoyed by those who appreciate simplicity.