happyhalloweenIt is the day of Haunted Happenings in my hometown of Salem,Massachussetts. The city is a far different place than it was when I was a kid growing up. Back then we simply had a few places to go and see as tourist attractions. My biggest rill back then was to go for a walk through the Salem Commons. There was an older gentlemen who had an old fashioned popcorn stand over in the corner of the commons.

I knew it was fall and that Halloween was not far away when he made his appearance. Not only did he have popcorn, but he also served up a warm bag of peanuts. And if you were lucky enough, you might score a bag of his famous roasted chestnuts before he ran out.

The most memorable part of Halloween was not the candy. I know it is hard to imagine a kid who did not put a priority on the treats. For me the real thrill was figuring out which house the lady with the witch costume would show up at. The first couple of years I really though I was just forgetful. That was until I heard some of the neighborhood kids saying they were wondering the same thing as well.

Every year without fail that women would scare the living daylights out of me. My heart would be racing the entire time I was trick or treating. When I became a teenager and stopped trick or treating, I would watch the younger kids getting the scare of a lifetime when they reached that house.trickortreat

The best Halloween I ever had was the one when my friends and I filled two pillowcases wit candy. The bags weight so much we had to get my best friends brother to help us carry all of it back to my house. My mother was beyond surprised at the amount of candy I had received. She then cautioned me on eating too much caramel. They would stick to my teeth she said. No sooner had the words past her lips, when one of my loose teeth came out completely while I was eating a ROLO.

I donated the rest of my candy that year to the candy jar at the school I went to. better for someone else to get their tooth stuck on some of that stuff than me. My wish for all of you reading this post is to enjoy the most of everything tonight. As the sun begins to set and the festivities begin ,be mindful of all the zombies,goblins and grim reapers. Stay safely within your own parameters of safety.For when the sun arises in the morning, All Hallows Eve will be a mere memory!