Celebrate your mom in any way you can. It is not necessary to try and outspend other people in order to do that. Some of the most memorable and meaningful gifts are those that require little expense.

I remember the first time I had some money on Mother’s Day. I was about 16 years old and I had gone to the store and bought my mother a card. It was the first time I had given her a store bought card. All the previous years I made one for her out of construction paper. I did not have enough money to take her out for dinner. It took me a while to figure out what to do. I really wanted to do something special for her.

Then one day an idea formed in my head. I thought about the things I could do. I was actually a fairly accomplished cook. My mom had taught me how to read a recipe and properly measure the ingredients. After school I would rush home and look through the cookbooks we had at the time. I found a recipe I liked for the main course and after a few more days I had decided on what I would make for dessert.

I had saved up enough money to buy everything I needed from the grocery store. Keeping this whole thing a secret became quite the adventure. My mom would ask what in the world was a jar of pimentos doing in her pantry. I told her I was experimenting with something new. It was enough of a diversion to throw her off the scent.

On that Mother’s Day, after church I came home and went straight to work. I made a mocha cream parfait for dessert. the main meal was Chicken a la King over a bed of rice. I remember my brother stopping by and having some of the dessert. The three of us enjoyed that meal together that day. My mom said I made her happier than if I had taken her out. Because I put my heart into that meal.

Give your mother your heart this year just as she gives you hers. Spend time doing something SHE enjoys. Mother’s day is only once a year but a mother’s love is ongoing for a lifetime. Make the most of the time you have together!