Every year on the Fourth Thursday in November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Most people try to do their grocery shopping early to avoid the crowds. You can always tell when the holiday is getting near. That is when you see an abundance of frozen turkeys at the local market.

As the day draws closer, there becomes almost a frenetic pace to people. They become almost panic stricken that they won’t have everything they NEED! That is what causes the lines at the stores to stretch around the aisles at the local Market Basket.

The end result is a table full of food. Usually more than can be consumed at the table. But before the meal begins, most people have a prayer of thanks. It is done in appreciation for all of our blessings. Not just what we are sharing on this day.

In fact if you ask people what they are blessed with, I guarantee that most will answer with a similar list. And most will say a lot of the same things about their blessings. We all have relatives, jobs and things that we have accumulated to be counted. The challenge is not in being able to recognize them. The measure of our Thanksgiving is in how we use them every other day of the year.

This year take a good look at what are your blessings and find a way to incorporate them into your daily life. Instead of seeing relatives once a year, make a commitment to staying in touch monthly or weekly. Be of service to others using what you already have. You HAVE more than you think at your disposal!Be willing to share it all year long!

Happy Thanksgiving!