have you calculated your success

In our everyday lives we spend a good deal of time calculating things. Some people do simple math in their head. The kind that is done at the grocery store or the local coffee shop. When that tempting breakfast sandwich or tasty looking strudel is calling. One might have to do a quick addition or subtraction whichever the case may be. All of these equations happen in a matter of minutes maybe even seconds.

But when it is time to think about the successes that we all have in our lives, how much time do we devote to that? How much time are we giving to doing the work that it takes to achieve what it is we truly desire? If we desire to be stress free from financial concerns, then we would sit down with all the bills and figure out a budget. That is what most people do.

Calculating success can be just as simple as that. Although it may contain mostly abstract components, it can be done. There are a few steps required to be able to track your attainment of certain benchmarks as you strive to reach your destination.

1) Get all of your ideas together in one place. Whether that means you keep them in a particular file or a box. Having everything in one place makes it easier to pick up where you left off. Especially if you are unable to work on your project on a daily basis.

2) Do some research! This is a very important step because unless you know who and what you are competing with, you might not be as creative as you really need to be. Or you might find that the area you are interested in is actually a niche market that is completely untapped!


3) Test the water before you dive right in! By doing a little dipping first you can get a sense of how things are going to go.

test the water

Do not get discouraged if you are NOT an overnight success.It may take some time for you to reach the level of success you are looking to achieve.

4) Be flexible! You might need to be able to adapt your ultimate plan to the changing needs of your potential customer base. Remember, whatever you are after will involve some customers!

being flexible

5) Network! No matter who big or small we all need other people to help us with our goals. As the old adage goes: Birds of a feather flock together. Surround yourself with successful people and you will find that you will become more ambitious than you ever dreamed possible.


6) Last but certainly not least. Stay COMMITTED to your idea and goal. Even if your progress is as slow as a sloth do not give up. Celebrate each moment of success no matter how small. This is after all your own unique plan. It does not matter what anyone else thinks. Many times people will give up on their plan when it seems as though they are fighting an uphill battle. At that very moment when success seems light years away, is exactly the time to dig in and determine that you will see this through!

With these steps in place, calculating your success will be easier than you ever thought possible.