It might just be time to celebrate being you! Take a break, put your feet up and reflect on how FAR you have come instead of how FAR you still have to go. By focusing on how much you have accomplished it may just lessen the pressure you have been feeling. Sometimes all that pressure can be the road block to making more progress.

Pressure can build up and become an additional burden to you all by itself. It can appear in your life in different forms. Some people will begin to eat more food . Others may turn to drinking to escape the feelings of inadequacies they have about themselves. When you begin a new habit try picking up something that will have a positive impact on your life. Something that will elevate those endorphins we all have inside of us. They are usually released when our bodies have more energy.

Take a look at what you have accomplished in a year. What is it that you have right now that you did not have a year ago? Did you start your own blog? Or did you make a commitment to actively interact with people who could help you reach your goal? Whatever it was that you started, it is time to celebrate that beginning. Once you allow yourself to celebrate your successes it will open up the door for more ideas to come to you and attract more people to you!