Everyday like millions of other people I get up get dressed and login to my social media. I then surf around a bit to see what everyone is chatting about. Now and again I lend my two cents worth into an ongoing conversation. But what I do differently than most people is this. I will select out a few of my connections each day and send each one an individual e-mail. Some days I will send out ten e-mails and other days it may be twenty. But I do this because I want my connections to be more than just a statistical number that I look at everyday.

Discovering what others are doing shows that you are not just seeking opportunity, but rather you have a genuine interest in other people. I have learned a lot about other businesses as well about what makes people successful . I am still sending out e-mails every day to connect are you?

Try connecting with the network you already have and see what develops from that communication. Always offer more service than in required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

Photo: Dreamstime