dandilion wishes

If you were ever a child that was allowed to play outside, then you have walked over your fair share of dandelions. They are actually weeds with extremely long roots. Their yellow flowers are very pretty to look at. But when those blooms have died off all that is left is a halo of white fluff. Left alone, these ghosts of flowers will release their seeds when a brisk wind comes along. Unless of course there are children and possibly some adults around.

One of my favorite pastimes as a child (I had quite a few) was to pick dandelions. I remember the very first bouquet I gave to my mother. I was six years old at the time. She was not very impressed with my selection of flowers. However she did place them in a plastic cup with water on the kitchen counter. That same summer I was determined to get another bouquet to her to mark the end of the season. This is when I discovered that there were none left. All that remained were the white puffs that were previously flowers.

My best friend at the time was Annette. She said we should pick the dead flowers and make a wish while blowing the ghosts into the air. I remember wishing that the ice cream truck would come along. I also wished that my mother would let me get an ice cream if that should happen. the very next day the ice cream truck came down my street. I was certain that my dandelion wish had come true. Because my mother not only let me get a soft serve chocolate cone, she got one as well. This was the most powerful wish I had ever made.

Since then I have had many occasions to make such wishes. Unfortunately, my back yard is littered with dandelions. My wishes these days are much more complex. However, I have learned to simplify them when I am wishing on a dandelion. I figure that the poor little flower can only handle so much.

The truth is that the skeletal remains of the dandelion have no more power than what nature has intended. To spread it’s seed wherever the wind will carry it. By blowing on it we are assisting in spreading the seed of the dandelion. No more no less. The power we bring is in the wishes we make and place into the universe. This energy that can only be brought with our thoughts and emotions , is what turns wishes into reality.

What would your dandelion wish be?