Blues is a music form that was created by Blacks. Its very name is from the use of “blue notes”, usually the third and seventh notes of a major scale, that are flatted or played below the intended pitch.

Classic blues follows a 12 bar structure with an opening line like: “I got the blues so bad it hurts my feet to walk/ I got the blues so bad it hurts my feet to walk/ It have settled on my brain and it hurts my tongue to talk”. The lyrics involved everything from poverty,loneliness,love,racism,drinking, work and sex.

The first recorded blues song was Mamie Smith’s “Crazy Blues”, which was released by Okeh Records in 1920. It sold 75,000 copies its first month and proved the commercial appeal of RACE RECORDS. Blues has influenced the writing of black authors from Langston Hughes to Alice Walker and can be heard in everything from jazz to soul and rock and roll.

By expressing their experiences , a whole new genre of music was borne!