moment of truth

Everyone regardless of their station or circumstances in life has a moment or moments of truth. These are the times when we are placed in a situation that makes us take a good hard look at what is not working in our lives.Some times when this moment presents itself, it can be feel as though our stomach is sinking. Even though we may have had an inkling that things needed to change we were not really ready to take action.

The most important thing is to be open to admitting that something needs adjusting. Whether you are on a roll to becoming successful or in a position that is ruining your health, the moment of truth must be acknowledged. Not everyone does this. Some people get glimpses that things are going in a certain direction and ignore the signs. They would rather stay in the situation that they have come to know than to risk changing things.

I know this only too well first hand. Eight years ago I did something completely unexpected. I told my husband at the time I wanted a divorce. It came as a shock to him. However, for me it had been coming on for years. The change in my life could not have been any more dramatic. Everyone in the house was affected including the dog. I was married for seventeen years. About a year and a half prior I knew it was time to do something. His love of liquor far outweighed his commitment to his family.

I do not know a lot of things, but this I do know. When someone is addicted to something, whether it is a substance or an activity, nothing YOU do will change them. Our moments of truth are not about changing other people. They are about changing the situation and circumstances we are currently in.

When you change the venue and the people who are around you, it becomes entirely POSSIBLE to achieve what used to seem IMPOSSIBLE!! What will you do when you have your moment of truth?