It is not uncommon for any of us to have a bad day or week. Sometimes people will describe it as a bad “streak”. When these times come along it it important to not “take the bait”. The bait is the self imposing mindset that leads people to believing that all they are and can be is now gone forever.

After graduating college, my best friend had secured a position at the local high school to be their physical education teacher. She was really enjoying her new career until at the end of the school year she was handed a pink slip. The city she worked for could not afford to pay her over the summer. Their solution was to fire anyone who did not have tenure and then re-hire them in the fall if the budget would allow them to do so. For a very short amount of time she was depressed. Then she began interviewing with other school districts and they were all doing the same things with their teaching staff.

One day she called me to tell me she was opening up a dance studio. She was done with getting a pink slip at the end of every school year. She wanted to be in charge of her future. She convinced her father to let her use their one car garage as her studio until she had enough kids to move out. With one student she began her dance studio.When one of the other established studios in the same town heard of her opening, the owner said to my friend “you will never make it here since I have most of the people in this town as my customers.” Undeterred, my friend moved forward with her plans. She placed ads all over town looking for students, and solicited help from everyone she knew.

It was only a matter of a couple of years before she needed to move out of that garage. Once in her new place she was nervous about getting enough students to pay the rent. On the day of her Open House, she was so swamped with people signing up their kids it took her two weeks to make up a schedule of classes.

Now she operates a student base of around 300-400 students. Some of them have gone on to have careers on Broadway and Circ de Soleil as well.

Don’t take the bait that you cannot do something. Adopt a mindset that allows you not to be afraid of starting over or re-inventing yourself.