Sometimes people will laugh at your dreams and the things you are doing to achieve them. These are the people who do not believe you will ever get to where it is you say you are going. They are the naysayers who are complacent with where they are right now and are not really willing to go outside their comfort zone to achieve success.They have absolutely no interest in what you are doing. Laughing at you and what you are doing is a way to make you feel insignificant and your goals and dreams unrealistic. Do not give up on your dreams and goals because of this. Keep going and pursuing in spite of people like this. The next turn you take could be the one to propel you into the exact spot you have been eyeing from some time.

Leave them at the table laughing. While they are preoccupied with that you will be moving ever closer to your goal.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

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