As I am watching the interfaith service being held in Boston, I realize how much all religions have in common. The same amount of things we all have in common regardless of ethnicicity,financial status or living conditions. We all want to feel safe and to heal in the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. How do we get there? I believe we have taken the first and most important step. Gathering together in prayer and seeking affirmation that our lives have purpose. To remember that mourning is part of the PROCESS of healing. To hold the memories of those who did not survive that day in our hearts and thoughts.

Moving forward, we all should find a way to reach out to those who did survive. Those whose lives will forever be changed by the injuries they have sustained. They will be in need of the service of others who can help them reach their full potential. It is difficult to come back without a limb. But more than the physical challenges they will face, their emotional equilibrium will be the largest hurdle to overcome. They will carry the reminder of that day with them for the rest of their lives.