HERE IS TO 2016!!


`We have all come a long way in one year. No matter where you started 2015, I have a strong feeling you are not the same person. The experiences and situations you encountered along the way made changes in you. You might not readily recognize all that has happened to you. But you are changed! Even if you have the same job, drive the same car and eat mostly the same diet YOU have changed.

For one thing you are a year older. Maybe you had one of those birthdays that made a milestone. You know the big ones, 21,30,40,50 etc. It seems like after 21 everything gets counted by the decade when it comes to birthdays. That is probably due to the physiological changes that occur at these times. Regardless of what age you reached, another year is under your belt.

Now it is time to glance back and focus on what is ahead. A NEW YEAR is looming in the future. A whole new set of experiences awaits us all. And once again we will all be changed by them. But whatever looms in the future is still unread. and that is because it has yet to be written.

Our actions and interactions will be what this new chapter in our lives is made up of. We are all the authors of our future and how it gets written. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to begin writing our story right away. In this way we will assure ourselves with great success for the upcoming year. Success that is in implementing everything on our LIST!

My list for the new year is smaller than year’s past. I think that is because I have put into action those

changes I wanted a few years ago. For 2016 I am looking to expand my readership, publish a book and increase my speaking engagements. I am already moving in the right direction. My thoughts have been answered through the power of social media and networking. Instead of taking on engagements that were only a week away I now have to plan in terms of months. I am certain that in the not too distant future I will be booking out farther than that!

My story is being written already for 2016. I will keep you posted on how the chapters are stacking up! I would also like to hear from YOU as to how your story is unfolding for 2016!