I am not a fan of the Hip-Hop culture and one thing is for sure, we need to get back to basics. We have lost too many young people to the rap industry. By that I mean we have young people now who would prefer to become a rapper than to invest any time into learning how to play a musical instrument. Where are all the talented young brothers and sisters who used to make music that would rock your soul.

All we have now are singers and rappers concerned with shaking their booty and how much bling they have. We have traded in our musicians who spent endless hours perfecting their sound, in for former drug dealers and ex cons who have become role models for the younger generations. It has created a generation that desires to have the flashiest car and the biggest BLING around despite the cost to their families and themselves. Young men no longer wear suits and ties instead they spot baseball caps,T-shirts and jeans that are held up either by their hands or a belt that keeps them right beneath their behinds. Whatever happened to holding the door open for a lady? Or removing your hat when you are inside? We have indeed LOST a lot to this Hip Hop culture ,and I am not sure we can gain any of what we have lost back.