On a daily basis I hear people say we should all be living our dreams. But how can we do that when the world around us is filled with turmoil. Things that are seemingly out of our control are on the forefront of every newscast. These range from climate changes that are threatening the existence of wildlife,unemployment,healthcare, unrest in the Ukraine etc.

Growing up my brother had a best friend who lived a couple of streets over from us. He lived upstairs and his aunt had the downstairs apartment. I used to dream of having my home like hers. It was quiet and peaceful,and it always smelled great. The aroma was subtle yet clean and refreshing all at the same time. It has taken me some time to achieve some of that ambiance at my house.It is much easier to do without the kids and the dog running around. Now that the dog is gone and the kids are older, I have my Yankee candles and tart warmers to achieve what I wanted.

This may seem like a small thing to you. But make no mistake about it, this makes a huge difference. The aroma from my candles sets a peaceful and tranquil mood,which permits the free flowing of ideas that flood my head everyday. It fills me with patience and the ability to look at other’s behavior and not let it impact my own.From my perspective, I can look at my situation at any given time realistically to develop a strategy for improvement.

The candles also help me maintain my sanity with two teenagers in the house. Because a large part of my dream lives on through the success of my children. I am like any other parent. I want to see them do well. But more importantly I want them to feel some sense of self fulfillment. On a daily basis I try (with their eyes rolling) to infuse them with the idea that what they are doing matters.

Most importantly if they are doing well it gives me more time to focus on being creative myself. I can then move on to enjoying the things I have set my mind on. With my candle lit on my desktop while I write, new ideas are forming daily. This is just one part of my dream, the rest is yet to come.

How are you living your dream? Have you given it much thought? Try starting with something small to make yourself feel better and help steer you in the right direction. Whatever it is keep it out in front of you or beside you. I have found this to be a great way of remaining focused. It is my wish that you enjoy the same experience of free flowing ideas and the opportunity of expressing them to others. Living your dreams will certainly come your way when you reach out to make them a reality!