Have you ever heard the story about the fish that got away? It usually involves the recounting of a fishing trip made by one person alone. As the story begins to unfold we are told about how far the fisherman traveled. He then explains the patience he exerted in waiting for the first bite on the fishing line. In his tiny boat all alone he did the best he could to reel in the fish. He was so close to bringing it on the boat , but just as he was about to make the last pull, that fish snapped his line in two and was never seen again.

The fisherman who tells this story over and over increases the size of the fish with each conversation. But without any witnesses to verify his experience, many will doubt the size of the fish.

Fishes are like opportunities, they replenish themselves and become available to those who are actively looking for them at every turn. You do not have to have the biggest boat in order to catch a large opportunity. You need only the largest desire to make it a reality. When you tell your story it will be about the opportunity that you caught, not the one that escaped your grasp.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

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