Self improvement is usually thought of as beginning with oneself from the outside in. But for it to be a permanent thing, it must begin from the inside out. It is easy to change the clothes that we wear in order to align ourselves with where it is we want to be. The most difficult part of a complete change is the work done on the inside. Because this is the part that people can only experience when they actively interact with us.

The work we do on our inside is never really complete. That is because it is necessary to consistently remind ourselves of the decisions we have made regarding certain situations. When we have made the commitment to change and other people see what we are doing, they will want to know what it is you are doing. Your optimistic attitude will attract all those who around you. They too will begin to see things more optimistically. Maybe not at first, but once they have stopped scratching their heads in amazement of your success, they will.

You may find yourself as a trend setter for those who were too afraid to consider optimism and self improvement as a possibility for themselves.