Life has a way of testing everyone at one time or another. It is almost as though “Just when you thought it was safe to go outside”, things change. Often this happens in a manner that tests everything that you believe in. People or events lead you in a direction that is opposite to where you wanted to go. Or these situations place you in a position of immobility, by limiting your ability to have options.

But having limited options does not mean there are not any choices. There may not be as many choices as you may like but there are still choices. The choices that are made while you are being tested really shape the outcome of the situation you are in. If you choose solutions that provide immediate relief, you may feel great for a day or even a week. However, if you decide to look at the larger picture you might just develop a long term solution.

In the early spring of 2008 I had decided to go on a small trip as a vacation away from my kids. A grown up get away so to speak. All of my plans were in place. I had a hotel room and my vehicle had been serviced. I was ready to go. That was until two days before I was ready to go. I received a phone call from my ex. He said a sudden business trip had come up and he would not be able to take the kids for the week. It would be an understatement to say I was merely upset. But I had a choice to make. I could cancel the trip which would take care of where my kids would be for the week. Instead I called on the assistance of my family to take the kids for the week.

This choice changed everything in my life. I was no longer “stuck” at home. The trip also gave my kids more options as well. During the week I was away they developed a deeper relationship with their relatives. One that gave them permission to be in direct contact with family members they previously only spoke to at the major holidays.

One choice can make an enormous difference in how you deal with future tests. How will you respond?