It seems as though everything most notably our news is heading to the electronic stage. But there are still people who like the feel of holding something and turning pages. On a recent trip to the local coffee shop I spied this gentleman reading the daily news from an actual handheld paper. There were no electronic devices in sight for him.

He sat alone at his table enjoying the solitude of a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Without the glare from a handheld electronic device ,it appeared as though he was devouring every word in every section of the paper. I too am a fan of having something to hold in my hand and I also enjoy turning pages. It somehow increases the suspense as to what is on the next page.

As much as I embrace all of the technological advances that are being made, I hope that we all do not forget the simple pleasure that comes from reading a magazine or newspaper in its original form. I would be saddened to see the end of being able to pick up a magazine or paper with my hands and view its contents before I purchase it. My most recent purchase of a periodical was TIME magazine. They have begun to have some specialized editions that hit stands from time to time. Each trip to any store has my eyes searching the racks of magazines to see if I can glimpse a new headline from them.

Of those who have not survived their days in print, JET magazine will only be available in digital form. It is projected to be ready by the end of this month. I used to enjoy reading that magazine in print too. It was small enough that I could hide it inside one of my school books. When my mom would check to see if I was doing my homework she had no clue I was soaking up every morsel.

My hope for things to remain in print stems from people realizing that they are spending too much time engrossed in their cell phones. Picking up a paper or a magazine from the news stands actually does two things. It will preserve the news stand as we know it. It will also force us all to stop looking down at our phones long enough to realize there is an entire world out there!!

Take some time out of your day and read something in print. Enjoy turning each page , anticipating what will be coming up next!