Whether you work in an office or some other setting, your mental attitude is what will determine your success. Paying attention to people and giving them some value, is all that is necessary to make your work environment more pleasant. Most of the time when I speak to people about doing these things, everyone politely nods and then continues on the way they always have. But to really make a difference wherever you go, only a few small changes are necessary on your part.

One of the ways to make a difference is to remember that no matter who they are, from the CEO to the maintenance person who cleans the floors, people want to be recognized. This recognition I am speaking of is best when it comes in the form of consistent behavior on your part. A friendly hello as you pass by,or asking how someone is, believe it or not is all that is needed. But the most important thing here is CONSISTENCY!

When you make the people around you feel important or good about themselves they will invest in you their time and assistance when you are in need. They will be the first ones to give helpful advice or listen when you need an ear to run something by.

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