With so many people working harder than ever, it is imperative to develop a way to replenish oneself. I am not referring to merely resting either. There is a large difference between the two. Resting means that one has rested the body enough for it to continue working. Thus once the resting is over one returns to the business of giving. The giving comes out in time, resources and energy.

The trouble with this is that most people end up running on auto-pilot. A condition that does not allow for replenishment of any kind. It merely means that the machine is still pumping the same way it always does. It is the same as being on cruise control. You are sitting behind the wheel of the car , but doing very little aside from holding onto the wheel. These days the cars will slow down by themselves when you get too close to another vehicle.

In this physical state, fatigue is being managed. The person gets tired and adapts to the next level of exhaustion.When they finally sit down they shut down involuntarily. They fall asleep but do not wake fully rested. They have merely gained enough steam to re-enter the frenetic pace they have grown accustomed to dealing with.

True replenishment can only occur when there is an interruption in the daily grind. Removing ourselves from all outward stimulus and experiencing quiet moments while we are still awake. Some people use mediation. Others find a favorite spot on a beach, in the gym. Maybe even the bookstore.Wherever that place may be, it is of te utmost importance that we get there on a regular basis. Without it we will become embittered by our circumstances. And that is something that should be avoided at all costs.

If you only have five to ten minutes a day, use it. Take FIVE to still your mind with eyes closed and just breathe. In those moments you will have an opportunity to begin the process of replenishing some of what you are giving out. The more frequent you do this the better you will begin to feel. Go ahead give it a try!!