Contrary to popular belief the concept of following through is not only applicable to the sales process.We often call it by other names. However we define this action, it is something that can have dramatic results when put into practice.

I could site a number of stories to illustrate this point. But the one that stands out in my mind is the story of Joanne Rowling a.k.a JK Rowling. Joanne was a single mother living off of public assistance in the United Kingdom. During the day she would spend her time in a local coffee house writing the Harry Potter book by hand on napkins with her infant next to her in a stroller. She received a small award from the Scottish Arts Council. With that money she purchased a manual typewriter. That is what she used to write the rest of the first Harry Potter book on.

Ms. Rowling typed out the first three chapters of her book and sent it out to several publishers, only to have them abruptly returned.She had an agent who told her not to quit her day job. But Ms. Rowling kept on writing and following through on her passion. While she was waiting to hear about the first book, she was actively writing the next one. It may have seemed as though her book would never get published. That was until her agent called her with the news she had been waiting only too long to hear.

The importance of this story is that while she waited she never stopped writing. Even though she did not have an audience, her spirit would not allow her to stop.That is true follow through. To keep going and continuing on in the pursuit that fuels your fire. When all you can think about is what defines you. It is something that cannot be defined by ordinary terms. But it can be demonstrated by your ability to do something other’s cannot do. You must continue doing what drives you even when there seems to be no where to go with it. Just as you might be getting ready to give up, there could be a breakthrough!