It is human nature to want everyone we come in contact with to like us.But it is very unlikely that that will actually occur. There will always be someone who does not like us or conflicts with the way we are doing things.

Finding common ground that can be agreed upon is the best way to proceed in order to see our vision come into being. This is the best way to lead other’s into our future. The danger here is when we begin or decide to make friends of business partners or employees.

Being a friend to someone brings an entirely different dynamic to the business relationship. It makes us vulnerable by exposing who we really are. Not that who we really are is a bad thing. But if you are a devoutly religious person who may have a business relationship with someone who is an atheist, friendship can be extremely difficult. These personal differences can lead to clashes over business when we decide to bring these people into our inner circle. We are all after all human!