For many people wearing many different hats is a daily occurrence. Between the kids,the spouse,and work it is a wonder there is any time left for ourselves. Sometimes it can feel as though we are wearing all the hats at one time. This can result in a feeling of being overwhelmed. When this happens it can make people shut down completely. People become lost under the weight of all that there is to do. It also can result in “Jack of all trades…master of none”.

The way to avoid being caught up in all of this is to learn to delegate where and when you can. If you need to drop off the kids in the morning maybe someone else can pick them up in the afternoon. That way you can remove one hat for the time you need to be at work. By adopting this attitude towards the other aspects of your life, you will soon find that you will only be wearing one hat at a time very shortly.

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of all the responsibilities that we have come to accept as a necessary part of our lives. But it is essential for our long term well being to reduce as much of the weight that comes from all that is on us. Once we feel the relief of all that used to be on us then we can wear the hat the we choose instead of the one chosen for the moment!