Consider all the places available to get your favorite beverage, whether it is coffee or tea? What makes you gravitate to one over the other? The answer is simple. It is where you feel most comfortable. The place you frequent is where you are remembered. You are a recognizable face in the sea of many who accompany you there. When you reach the counter and ask for your order they smile and answer the question with you;”How may I help you?”That is what keeps you coming back.

Imagine if you adopted the same attitude as the person behind the counter in dealing with customers. You might be thinking that you could never do something like that. If so, that is too bad and it will be your loss. But if for a moment, a tiny little moment, you were to allow the idea into your mind it just might be the very change you need to make.

This attitude is a little more challenging when you are dealing with customers over the phone. However, the same outcome can be achieved by making small changes in your approach. Instead of answering the phone in an assembly line fashion, approach every call as a new opportunity for expanded business. Years ago, i worked for a Chemical distributor in customer service. One day I received a call from a customer who had not placed and order with the company in almost a year. While talking with the purchasing manager on the phone I began asking her about the weather they had been having. She thought I was being very considerate since they had just survived a horrible tornado a few days earlier. What she did not know was I had to re-create her file in the computer system to get her order placed.

The order was for ten thousand dollars and because I treated her with a little kindness the company won back her business. That business total was 1.1 million a year. She actually took the time to hand write a note to my manager, expressing her gratitude for the way she had been treated. I got the promotion I was looking for on the all male sales force!

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!