You have offered your services and have given more than is required. Now it is time for you to be compensated for all you have given.You present the invoice and your customer says that is too much and counter offers with a much lower price. This is not the time to roll over and play dead. Instead this should be seen as the beginning of negotiating. Your time and energy have been spent in trying to fill a need that your customer had expressed. By counter offering another amount you will show that you appreciate their financial concerns while still upholding your own integrity. Being too rigid may cost you more than just this one deal. It could be the precursor for future failure as well.

When customers feel as though you are not willing to bend even a little, they will be reluctant to seek your services in the future. There is no place for too much rigidity in today’s marketplace. The only difference between people offering similar services is what the actual person giving the service has to offer.