One of the most interesting things about human behavior is how we often determine what we want without qualifying how much of it is our goal. I hear people everyday saying how they want to be successful. Whether they are talking about a business plan or something personal.

Those who feel as though they are on the right track have identified what it is they desire to achieve. But when asked what their goal is, the answer often comes hesitantly. Recently there was a contest at a local office called “The Biggest Loser”. It was of course named after the famed television reality show. Of those who signed up to participate only three had a definitive amount of weight they wanted to shed.

When the other participants were asked how much the wanted to lose they responded this way: “Well I was thinking maybe wait maybe just 10 or 15.” It is this hesitancy that eventually led over half of the original participants to drop out less than halfway through. Without identifying exactly what their goals were, they had no real direction to head into. From 25lbs to 10 or 15 then became 5 or 10. When the goal weight began to shrink so did their interest level. Finally it reached a point where the participants began to feel as though there were no point in continuing for such a small reward.

The ultimate winner of the contest I believe was a woman who lost substantially less than most of the original group. By virtue of her qualifying where she wanted to be and staying on course she became the victor.

It is really hard to conceive that just being consistent and sticking to your goal can have such tremendous results. But more often than not this is the case. It plays out over and over again in all sectors and in different areas of our lives.

How much do you want of whatever it is you have identified?